Management Human Resources Programs

Boost your HR career with Royal Center and gain the necessary skills and knowledge in management and HR programs

NOCourse TitleDurationFees/SDG
1Professional Certificates in Leadership Management6 (days)2500
2Human Resources Specialist 5 (days)2500
3Human Resources Management5 (days)2300
4Fundamental of Human Resources Management4 (days)2000
5Project Management Professional (PMP)10 (days)3500
6Key Performance Indicators - KPI5 (days)2300
7Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) 4 (days)2300
8Balance Scorecard – BSC4 (days)2300
9Skills of Advance course in Procurement, Purchasing & Supply Chains Management5 (days)2300
10Advanced Management of Warehouse & Inventory5 (days)2300
11Fundamental Management of Warehouse & Inventory5 (days)2300
12Excellence in the Work of Modern Secretariat & Advanced Office Management5 (days)2300
13Training Needs Analysis & Identification4 (days)2300
14ISO 10015 Training Management System4 (days)2300
15Measuring Return On Investment Of Administrative & Technical Training4 (days)2300
16Evaluation of job Performance & Institutional4 (days)2300

Jordan Reynolds


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