Financial & Accounting Programs

Students will experience significant exposure to supporting coursework in the closely related fields of accounting and finance.

NOCourse TitleDurationFees/SDG
1Preparing Final Accounts and Financial Statement 5 (days)2500
2Financial & Accounting Management5 (days)2500
3Budgeting Forecasting & Planning5 (days)2500
4Internal Audit & Control Systems5 (days)2500
5Accounting for non-Accountants4 (days)2300
6International Accounting Standards 5 (days)2500
7Cost Accounting4 (days)2300
8Financial Analysis as a tool to Evaluate the Organization4 (days)2300
9Accounting &Financial Reporting4 (days)2300
10International accounting standards -fixed assets and traded5 (days)2500
11القياس والإفصاح المحاسبي فى بيئة التضخم4 (days)2300
12 التحليل المالي للموازنة فى المؤسسات الحكومية (GFS) 5 (days)2500
13تطبيق اساس الاستحقاق فى المؤسسات الحكومية4 (days)2300
14The Skills of Preparing the Budgets4 (days)2300
15Budgeting as a tool for Internal Control4 (days)2300
16Practical Guide to the small-scale Project4 (days)2300
17Electronic Accounting 5 (days)2500
18SMACC – Practical Training Program5 (days)2500
19Preparing Financial Reports

Jordan Reynolds


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